4G WiFi OBD Tracking System of VT400

4G WiFi OBD Tracking System of VT400


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4G WiFi OBD Tracking System of VT400

ThinkRace Technology brings you the VT400. This OBD II GPS Tracking device utilizes the connectivity of 4G and WiFisignals to provide accurate and precise location of your asset. The VT400 is one of the few OBD Trackers equipped with this kind of technology.

Some of the other notable features of this device are

• Accurate Real-Time Tracking

• 3-mode positioning GPS Technology

• Differential Mileage Analysis

• Short Trip and Long Trip Reports

To get more information about our dealership & partnership policies and for placing bulk order enquiries, please contact http://www.thinkrace.de/4g-obd-wifi-gps-tracker-vt400/